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Traveling the world is very fulfilling, but it can be hectic when it’s a last-minute trip and you have to pack fast. My #1 tip is to always make a short “Must-Have Items” list before packing. Here are my top 10 products to throw in your carry-on for a smooth trip. Let me know in the comments below what are your must-have products to throw in your carry-on.


  • Don’t overpack! Make a list of items you can’t live without, take outfits that are comfortable, and are easy to mix & match.
  • Always hydrate by drinking lots of water before and during your trip. This helps keep your energy up especially for long flights and long road trips.
  • Bring small healthy snacks like raw bars, bananas/fruit, and dry fruit free from added sugar to keep a steady energy all day.
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1 Backpack – Tumi

2 Lip Balm – C.O. Bigelow

3 Travel Size Strong Hand Cream – Keihl’s

4 Electronics Especially Chargers – WattzUp Power

5 Wear It – Sneakers (Opening Ceremony) + Comfy Sweater (Zara) + Compression Socks  

6 Face Cream – Lancer

7  Travel Snacks – Healthy Raw Bars Two Moms In The Raw

8 GoPro Waterproof  Video Camera

9 Hand Sanitizer – Purell

10 Organic Wipes for Hands, Face & Body


“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”

Love Keir


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